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Knowledge points of selecting and using paint defoamer


Various high-speed mixers need to be used in the coating manufacturing process, such as three-roller machine, sand mill and ball mill. Various methods used for coating, such as air spraying, airless spraying, roller coating, flow coating and spray coating. In these processes, the free energy of the paint system will be increased to varying degrees to help produce foam, which is the external factor to produce foam.

Various additives are used in the formulation of architectural coatings, including those that help to wet and disperse pigments; There are additives to improve the storage stability of finished paint products, and additives to adjust the appearance of the paint film; There are also some additives to achieve special functions. Most of the above additives are surfactants, which can change the surface tension of the coating, * making the coating itself have internal factors that are easy to foam or make foam stable.