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Non-silicone defoamer

HR-3074 Non-Silicone DefoamerNon-silicone polymer blendCharacteristics: Silicone-free polymeric defoamerSuitable for all solvent-based systemsAlso suitable for defoaming PU paints and ink varnishes.Advantages: Excellent defoaming and foam inhibition

HR-3074 Non-Silicone Defoamer

Non-silicone polymer blend



     Silicone-free polymeric defoamer

Suitable for all solvent-based systems

Also suitable for defoaming PU paints and ink varnishes.



     Excellent defoaming and foam inhibition properties

Good compatibility, miscibility

Does not affect recoating, does not affect adhesion



     This product is a mixture of silicone-free foam-breaking polymers, suitable for a variety of systems, can be used in solvent-borne industrial coatings, wood coatings, etc., especially suitable for varnish, PU (polyester, polyurethane system), with excellent defoaming effect, good compatibility, miscibility, does not affect the recoating, does not affect the adhesion.


Technical Data:
     Appearance (visual inspection) yellowish liquid
     Density (20℃) 1.313
     Refractive index 1.325
     Active substance content(%) 100

Note: The values listed in this data sheet only describe the typical properties of this product, and do not represent the company's technical standards.

Solubility properties: 

     Solvent (diluent) with benzene, ester, ketone.

Application Areas: 

     Suitable for solvent-based paints and inks.

Usage For best results, add before grinding.

Recommended dosage: 

     The recommended dosage of this product is 0.1-0.5% (according to the total formula,) it is recommended to test before use to determine the best use and dosage.

Packing specification :25KG package

Storage and transportation: Stable at room temperature