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Waterborne Penetrating agents

Significantly improves the permeability, wettability, flowability, and leveling of the system, with good compatibility and miscibility. It strongly reduces static and dynamic surface tension, eliminates oil stains, and is an anti shrinkage additive.

Waterborne Penetrant

HR-8036 Penetrant

Modified polysiloxane composite


     Improve the permeability and wettability of the coating system

Efficient phase solubility and miscibility

Improve the liquidity and leveling of the system


     Strong reduction of static and dynamic surface tension

Good anti shrinkage additive to eliminate oil stains


     Improve the permeability, wettability, flowability, and leveling of the system, have good compatibility and miscibility, strongly reduce static and dynamic surface tension, eliminate oil stains, and are anti shrinkage additives.

Technical data:

      Appearance (visual) colorless to amber transparent liquid

Surface tension<30

Viscosity (CS, 25 ℃) 30-50

Cloud point<10 ℃

Note: The numerical data based on internal testing within the company is for reference only

Application field:

     Suitable for solvent based and water-based shoe material systems, etc. It hydrolyzes under acidic and alkaline conditions in water-based systems, and requires adjusting the pH value between 6.5 and 7.5 to achieve optimal performance.

Usage: Generally added in the final dilution stage.

Recommended dosage:

     The recommended dosage for this product is 0.1-1% (based on the total formula). It is recommended to test before use to determine the optimal usage and dosage

Solvent: isopropanol, toluene, or water

Packaging specification: 25KG/200KG

Storage and transportation: 

     This product is non hazardous and the container should be strictly sealed after use. The validity period of this product is two years