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Penetrating agent JFC-S

Penetrating agent JFC-S【Chemical composition】Polyoxyethylene ether compounds【Type】Non-ionic[HLB value] 11~13 (theoretical value)Technical indexesAppearance:Slightly yellow to colorless transparent oily substancep H value: 5.0~7.0 (1% aqueous solution)Turbidity point: 40~50℃ (1% aqueous solutio

Penetrating agent JFC-S

【Chemical composition】Polyoxyethylene ether compounds


[HLB value] 11~13 (theoretical value)

Technical indexes

Appearance:Slightly yellow to colorless transparent oily substance

p H value: 5.0~7.0 (1% aqueous solution)

Turbidity point: 40~50℃ (1% aqueous solution)

Penetration: ≤5 seconds (1% aqueous solution)

Properties and Characteristics

Easily soluble in water into a clear transparent solution, heat-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, resistant to metal salts, chlorine, no affinity for various fibers, used as a penetrating agent in the textile industry, can be used for sizing, desizing, boiling, bleaching, carbonization and chlorination and other processes, and can be used as a dyeing bath and finishing bath penetration additives, as well as the penetrating agent of the leather coating, but also used as chemical fiber fabrics refining. It has strong washing ability.

【Application】(Reference dosage)

1、Dosage for wool washing: 1.5~2.0% of wool weight;

2、Penetration dosage: 2~6g/L bath;

3, desizing dosage: about 0.2% of liquid volume;

4、Carbonized wool: 1~1.5g/L bath;

5, chemical fiber refining: 3 ~ 6g / L bath.

Packing and storage and transportation

Packed in 200Kg iron drum or 50Kg plastic drum.

Storage and transportation according to general chemicals. Store in dry and ventilated place. Shelf life is two years.